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Past Productions

Dionysus Theatre is comitted to providing innovative theatre for audiences, performers and practitioners on the Peninsula, and beyond. Housed in Frankston but performing and involving people from all over Melbourne, our company is both accessible and affordable as well as award-winning, for its innovative interpretations and recontextualisations of (mostly) classical works. Given that Ancient Greece was the birthplace of Western Theatre, the company takes its name from the patron of Drama – Dionysus.



Each year Dionysus Theatre features one full length play, often Greek or Shakespearean. Click here to learn more


Arete festival

The Arete festival showcases a collection of local artists, playwrights and performers in a performance celebrating Melbourne's artistic community. Click here to learn more


Sock & Buskin

Our end of year celebration, named after the two drama masks! Click here to learn more

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