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About Dionysus Theatre

We are a contemporary company, established in 2011 on the Mornington Peninsula by Victorian Drama League award-winning director Emma Sproule.

The company was founded to provide innovative theatre for audiences, performers, artists and practitioners predominantly on, but not exclusive to, the Peninsula. The company is housed in Frankston, however it aims to involve people from all over Melbourne and beyond, having already involved some interstate playwrights. Dionysus Theatre is both accessible and affordable.

Given that Ancient Greece was the birthplace of Western Theatre, the company takes its name from the patron of Drama, the Greek god of wine, pleasure and fertility. Every year in Athens, festivals were held in Dionysus’ honour. These included competitions between playwrights (as their comic and tragic works were performed), much drinking and debauchery. We at Dionysus Theatre thought we’d produce some theatre and serve some wine, but we might just leave it at that for now.

Nymph program

Dionysus Theatre is committed to providing innovative theatre for audiences, performers and practitioners on the Peninsula, and beyond. Housed in Frankston but performing and involving people from all over Melbourne, our company is both accessible and affordable as well as award-winning, for its innovative interpretations and recontextualisations of (mostly) classical works. Given that Ancient Greece was the birthplace of Western Theatre, the company takes its name from the patron of Drama – Dionysus.

Dionysus had nymphs that frolicked around him, so in a creative twist on the concept each prodution for the company also has a couple of its own ‘nymphs’. A Dionysus Nymph is essentially a young yet mature and creative individual who has shown great initiative and interest in one or more areas of the perfoming arts. Through a straightforward selection process, they have earned an internship of sorts to work closely within the company doing roles they may not have otherwise had the opportunity to do, and experiencing all facets of what’s required to produce theatre.

The initial phase of the Dionysis Nymph program begins with our Arete Festival of Visual and Performing Arts. Should you show great aptitude towards initiative and commitment, the second phase is to continue your intership to our Mainstage season, which runs from May to October (twice weekly rehearsals).

Should you be interested in joining the Dionysus team for one or, possibly, more productions this year, please contact us for further details.

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