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Arete Morphed

Releasing March 2021 on our Youtube channel!

Areté Morphed is a COVID-created initiative where previous scripts, most commissioned for Dionysus Theatre, are re-imagined and rehearsed online, to provide artists opportunities during lockdown. 

Areté originates in ancient Greece and has many interpretations. It is generally understood to mean striving for excellence, being the best that you can be and is also wound up in the notion of moral virtue. For Dionysus Theatre, Areté is a festival of short plays, performance works and visual arts; manifesting unique thought through innovative performance and visual arts. However, as a testament to the importance of the theatre in modern Australia, Areté Morphed was created to utilise zoom, during Victoria’s second and most intense lockdown. Using limited resources, the lockdown initiative strives to deliver affordable and accessible theatre to everyone, even in isolation.

Areté Morphed is a culmination of fifteen short plays in total all handpicked from our previous Areté festivals. The COVID-safe filming of these is in a contained and intimate space. This is Poor Theatre, filmed at its modern best, using predominantly black boxes as its set. 

A full list of plays can be found by clicking the image.


Yerma poster.jpeg


By Federico Garcia Lorca

Directed by Melanie Thomas

"Faith is the bird who feels the light when the dawn is still dark" Rabindranath Tagore

From the outside, Yerma and Juan have a fulfilling life. As years of childless marriage turn into utter devastation, Yerma’s obsession with motherhood grows to blinding obsession. Forming part of Lorca’s ‘Rural Trilogy’, Yerma explores the plight of a young woman, desperate to conceive and the bitterness that births when disillusionment and dreams are slowly crushed within the passage of time.

July 15-17 2021

Chapel off Chapel 

12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran 3181



Arete - Zeta

"If you wait sit and wait to feel like you're the most confident person in the room, you are probably going to be left by yourself"

- Jacinda Ardern

October 22 & 23 2021

Cube 37

Frankston Arts Centre

37 Davey Street

Frankston VIC 3199

Sock & Buskin


Sock & Buskin - 2021

No Exit - Jean-Paul Sartre

Anyone for Tennis - Gwyn Clarke

No Exit

Three damned souls, Joseph Garcin, Inès Serrano, and Estelle Rigault, are brought to the same room in Hell and locked inside by a mysterious valet. They had all expected torture devices to punish them for eternity, but instead, find a plain room furnished in the style of the French 'Second Empire'. This play is the source of Sartre's especially famous and often misunderstood quotation "L'enfer, c'est les autres" or "Hell is other people".

Anyone For Tennis?

Amanda and George have an arrangement by which one alternative Wednesdays each leaves the other to indulge in his or her private dalliance. All goes well until an unfortunate circumstance upsets the timetable. As a result, the Wednesdays clash, Henry and Jane arrive on the same day, and keeping them apart from one another causes significant complications. 

December 2021